Converting a historical building into a boutique hotel

In the heart of the Prague City centre is located the historical building, which was built between 1954 and 1957 as the specialised delicatessen shop. The existing owner of Rephana Hotels has decided to convert the property into a five-star boutique hotel called Hotel Wilson, Prague due to its close proximity to the Art Nouveau Wilson Railway Station. Studio Archina has created the interior design in very close co-operation with the owner and architect of TAK 2000.

As the previous type of use, all levels has been built as “open space” with a typical shape, so to convert floors into the hotel type of use has been very specific creative work and each type of the rooms is atypical and unique. The hotel lobby is very unique as well and located in two levels connected by the escalators. The part of conversion has also been the extension of two new levels on existing roof designed in very harmonic way with the historical part. The hotel will be opened in early 2015.